Wholesale Terms & Conditions

Welcome to PeachyPilea! Thank you so much for your interest in our company and products, we're happy to have you here along this journey! Please see below PeachyPilea's Wholesale Terms & Conditions.  In order to shop with us at wholesale cost, we will need your Resale Certificate and/or Tax ID Number. This information can be emailed to wholesale@peachypilea.com

Minimum Order Requirements
Peachy Pilea requires a Minimum Order Total (MOT) is $150.00. Retailers are responsible for shipping costs.

Resale Certificate and/or Tax ID Number
PeachyPilea requires a Resale Certificate and/or Tax ID Number in order to purchase at wholesale price. Any orders placed without a Resale Certificate and/or Tax ID Number will be canceled. The required information to shop with us can be emailed to wholesale@peachypilea.com

Wholesale Pricing / Non-Compete Agreement
Here at Peachy Pilea, we do not want to compete with our retailers, but instead see them grow and thrive with us! We offer competitive pricing to ensure working with us is a win-win. It is okay to hold your own sales with our products, but the Retail Price per item (not on-sale price) cannot go below what we price our products at on our Retail Website. By completing a sale with us, you agree to these terms and conditions (i.e. not compete against us, nor steal our products/designs). Failure to comply will result in a cease and desist letter be sent to your contact information on file as well as terminating any further business to business relationship with us. You would be banned from shopping with Peachy Pilea Wholesale and Retail. We create all of our own designs and own the rights to them. This wholesale agreement ends 1 year after the last purchase date with Peachy Pilea.

Payment Terms
Retailers will be required to pay the full amount due before their shipment is mailed out - this includes orders made with Shop Pay Installments. Each product we sell is handmade and can range from 5 to 15 hours to print. We value your time as much as our own. We accept all credit cards and payment through PayPal.

Returns & Exchanges
Peachy Pilea offers a 7-day replacement policy for defective items and 7-days for returns and/or exchanges. To start your return or exchange, please email your company information, invoice number and the products you would like to return and/or exchange to wholesale@peachypilea.com

Processing & Shipping Terms
Depending on the size of your wholesale order, processing time can range from 2-3 weeks (10-15 business days). Wholesale orders for 100+ items are estimated 3-4 weeks (15-20 business days). Shipping time is 3-5 business days depending on the carrier you choose to ship with at checkout. We offer shipping with USPS and UPS. 

Note: Your order may ship sooner than expected. All orders are sent Signature Required upon delivery. If your order is shipping sooner than expected, we will reach out so you know to expect your shipment to sign for it.
All orders that are sent back to us due to either package refusal or too many failed delivery attempts, Peachy Pilea will not refund your order. If you wish you have the item sent again, buyer is required to pay additional shipping costs/fees.